The Course

CAD-CAM Software

3D Course overview

We’re delighted to present the UK’s only Orthodontic course on digital design, 3D printing & in-house appliance fabrication.

This course guides you step-by-step through CAD-CAM software and 3D printing stages, to thermoplastic & direct printed appliance fabrication.

It also covers:

- the latest innovations and interactive workflow for 3D printed metal appliances.

- insights and 'top-tips' on how to integrate 3D printing (hardware & software), same day retainers, in-house aligners, digital Twin Blocks and much more into your daily practice.

Plus, we offer a post-course on-line mentoring service (charged at a separate hourly rate). This enables attendees to focus on a topic of their choice such as aligner case set-up.

Course aims

To stimulate & empower attendees towards producing their own retainers, aligners, digital Twin Blocks & other thermoplastic appliances within their own practice / hospital clinic (and stop relying on ‘big brother’ aligner companies).

Direct 3D printed plastic (eg Graphy) and metal appliances (eg RME) are also featured.
Tooth Movement

Who is this course designed for

This course requires prior knowledge of orthodontic techniques and biomechanics. Hence attendance is limited to orthodontists (on the GDC specialist list), orthodontic trainees (on a recognised speciality training program) & orthodontic technicians.

Course content


  • An overview of 3D technologies in orthodontics
  • The in-house digital workflow
  • Computer & lab equipment, and health & safety requirements
  • Thermoplastic & direct printed appliances

Digital file (software) model preparation

  • Software options to process digital models ready for printing / other applications
  • A computer practical session accompanies this topic

3D printing

  • An overview of orthodontic printer options and workflow steps in 3D printing

Orthodontic aligner set-up

  • Segmentation, tooth movements, attachments, model print preparation
  • Step-by-step case set-ups in a practical session

3D plastic appliance fabrication

  • Software preparation of models for other applications eg retainers, digital Twin Blocks, indirect bonding trays, mini-implant guidance stents
  • Thermoplastic materials & steps for in-house orthodontic appliance fabrication
  • Direct printed 3D plastic appliances

3D printed metal appliances

  • 3D printed metal RME appliances
  • Bone borne appliances
  • Herbst appliances
  • Other cast metal appliances

Closing discussion

Each date limited to 12 attendees