Learn 3D digital orthodontics

How to apply a 3D digital workflow & its multiple applications in your daily practice
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CAD-CAM software and 3D printing
1-day course
We’re delighted to present the UK’s first one-day Orthodontic course on 3D digital design, in-house appliance fabrication and 3D metal printed appliances.
We guide attendees through the steps involved with in-house appliance fabrication, using orthodontic CAD-CAM software to make retainers, aligners & the digital Twin Block design. 3D printing processes will be covered, and you'll gain from our experience in the successful fabrication of thermoplastic appliances.

We will also share our designs and experiences of 3D metal printed appliances eg RME (including bone anchored versions) & the Herbst appliance, to enable attendees to start using these new innovative applications with confidence.

Plus, we describe how to work digitally with an external lab for rapid delivery of 3D printed metal appliances & CAD-CAM orthognathic wafers.

Finally, we also now offer a post-course on-line mentoring service (charged at a separate hourly rate). This enables attendees to focus on a topic of their choice such as aligner case set-up, ideally using one of their own cases.


This 3D digital orthodontics course is led by internationally recognised Specialist Orthodontists Dr Lars Christensen & Dr Richard Cousley
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Dr Lars Christensen
Dr Lars Christensen
Dr Richard Cousley
Dr Richard Cousley
Aligners and other thermoplastic appliances

Course aim

To empower attendees to produce their own retainers, aligners and other thermoplastic appliances within their own practice / hospital clinic (and no longer rely on ‘big brother’ aligner companies).

To enable orthodontists to easily use 3D printed metal appliances eg RME, including design and use of insertion guides for precise, same-day mini implant placement.
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2023 course feedback examples

Thank you Richard and Lars for a wonderful/inspiring day. Both of you are leap years ahead of most of our peers and we are lucky to share part of the journey with you.

I just wanted to say thank you for your time on Saturday running the course. Both yourself and Lars are such entrepreneurs and visionaries and very inspirational.
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Orthodontics - Tooth Movement
Each date limited to 12 attendees